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Premium office and commercial carpet cleaning services

Mouldy, dusty, and smelly carpets are a significant issue for employees and visiting clients in the workplace. Make a great first and lasting impression with professional commercial carpet cleaning services. Get ready to transform your space with Building Cleaning Service, leaders in office and commercial cleaning services. Our team of carpet steam cleaners are experts in the field. With a focus on detail, fine quality and customer satisfaction, our commercial carpet cleaning services will leave your workplace looking fresh in no time.

Office carpet cleaning inclusions

Whether you’re looking for carpet steam cleaners for a small area or an entire building, our specialist can help. Having provided a range of commercial carpet cleaning services for small, medium and large companies, we are happy to create the optimum approach to your cleaning requirements. Our commercial window cleaning services include:

  • Pre-cleaning carpet conditioning
  • Steam cleaning all carpeted areas
  • Carpet scrubbing and stain removal
  • Deodorising and sanitising
  • Drying the carpet using a carpet dryer

Our carpet steam cleaning method

The steam cleaning or hot water extraction method infuses hot water and cleaning supplies directly into the carpet fibres at high pressure. This lifted dirt-mix is then extracted instantaneously using a powerful vacuum — bacteria, pollutants and other first particles are also removed, making it a highly effective way to thoroughly deep clean carpets. After this process, the carpet takes about two to four hours to dry. Factors like carpet textile and carpet dryer type also play a role in determining the exact time for the carpet to dry.

Benefits of selecting Building Cleaning Service

Our cleaning services will ensure that you’re left with a clean, fresh and stainless carpet. Our trained office carpet cleaners focus on high customer satisfaction by providing timely, reliable and affordable services. Some of the benefits you enjoy when you work with us include:

  • Access to experienced carpet steam cleaners that understand the carpet textiles, stains and perfection.
  • We provide all the necessary tools, supplies and high-performance carpet cleaning equipment for every carpet cleaning project.
  • Our specialist cleaners are trained to maintain a professional approach towards your premises, employees, business hours, management’s time and business requirements.

Book your next commercial carpet cleaning with Building Cleaning Service

Our commercial cleaners have over three decades of experience in office cleaning services. We have built a comprehensive system of procedures, training and quality control measures to provide the best commercial cleaning services for commercial offices. If you’re looking for office carpet cleaners, look no further. In case you have any questions, please feel free to read through our FAQs page or contact us directly so that we may help you decide.






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