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Why do you claim expertise when other companies offer similar services?

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Our attention to detail. Unlike most others, we don’t diversify. Our entire operations are geared to deliver exceptional office cleaning – that means expertise in every facet of our service…………

Your First Time? Avoid These Common Pitfalls

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Some common pitfalls to avoid if you are retaining a commercial office cleaning company for the first time …..

How to change cleaners when you have an existing service contract with a company

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An existing service contract is not necessarily a compelling reason to prevent you from changing cleaners if you have a valid reason…………..

What is the procedure to appoint BCS as our cleaners?

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In keeping with our company ethos, the procedure to appoint us as your office cleaners is straightforward and efficient ……………

How is BCS different to other commercial cleaners?

As Different As Chalk & Cheese

As Different As Chalk & Cheese!

All commercial cleaners are not the same and this article defines some key reasons why Building Cleaning Services are leaders in the office cleaning industry…………

The Impact of a Clean Office on Mental Health!

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Happiness, job satisfaction and quality of life all come from the environment we work and live in. A clean office empowers mental wellbeing……

Visual Impact of Cleanliness, to Gain Customer Trust!

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“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, so a clean office will impress customers and build trust…..

Balancing Quality Vs Cost

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Everyone wants the highest quality at the lowest cost…

Importance of Trust in Business Relationships

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Welcome to Building Cleaning Services Sydney, where your satisfaction is our top priority…

Providing Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

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At Building Cleaning Services, we can provide green, eco-friendly options…

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