How is BCS different to other commercial cleaners?

As Different As Chalk & Cheese

As Different As Chalk and Cheese!

Specialist in Office Cleans

Because we totally specialise in office cleaning – we do it exceptionally well.

Our entire operations are geared towards office cleaning – the standard of cleaners, the cleaning tasks, the equipment and cleaning supplies, the supervision, quality control and quality and speed of service.

Building Cleaning Services are a commercial cleaning company that specialises in office cleaning in Sydney and most metropolitan areas. The difference between us and other commercial cleaning companies is that we only do commercial cleaning, (no domestic cleaning), and in striving to be the very best in what we do, we only do specific types of commercial cleaning – office cleaning.

Where most commercial cleaning companies aim to deliver all types of commercial cleaning services to all types of business, we have instead chosen one type of cleaning, office cleaning and geared our cleaners, training, supervisors, quality control, and our entire operations, to deliver daily, the standard of office cleaning that many commercial cleaning companies merely strive for.

Unlike other commercial cleaning companies we are not a resource for anything and everything. Our best resource is our infrastructure as it is developed and managed for the single purpose of delivering the most hassle free and problem free office cleaning you’ve ever had.

Unlike other commercial cleaning companies we don’t add bells and whistles outside our specialty just to entice you because we know those bells and whistles don’t actually solve your commercial cleaning problems.

30+ Years Experience Counts

In our decades of experience as commercial cleaners a vast majority of clients have told us that their past problems with cleaners is actually not with the cleaners abilities but with the time consuming supervision and ongoing quality control of the cleaners in order to get a consistent reliable job done.

So instead of bells and whistles to attract your attention we’ve structured our entire commercial cleaning company to give what you need and to remove what you don’t need – we give high quality cleaning services and we remove the problems normally associated with commercial cleaners.

In focusing our entire commercial cleaning services on the area of office cleaning we’ve got training, supervision, systems and quality control down to a fine art, almost a science, and we can confidently boast that when it comes to office cleaning we have got what it takes to get cleaning problems off your busy agenda for once and for all.

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