What is the procedure to appoint BCS as our cleaners?

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Kept Simple

Appointing Building Cleaning Services is a simple procedure made even easier because of our accurate and thorough quoting process and the fact that we do not lock you into a contract.

We have a very simple service agreement that is self explanatory and that may be cancelled at any time if our service is unsatisfactory with only 30 days written notice.

Our agreement is so simple because we know that we can deliver what we promise and that the strength of our agreement is our confidence on delivering you the service that you want. We’re geared up for it, we’ve been doing it for decades, we’ve long lists of
satisfied clients – we don’t need to capture clients with complex legalities.

When you receive our written quotation it will be accompanied by a detailed Cleaning Specification. When you appoint Building Cleaning Services as your cleaners this Specification becomes the backbone of our service agreement. Our Training Officer will
make an appointment with you for final orientation and access and security logistics and then schedule your cleaners and their onsite training for the required commencement date.

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