How to change cleaners when you have an existing service contract with a company

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Helpful notes

We are often approached by companies making inquiries about our office cleaning services who are unhappy with their existing cleaners but believe they cannot change cleaners because they are locked into a contract term.

If you are in this position and don’t know what to do about it then you may find the following notes helpful.

If you do not have a formal contract then terminating your cleaners is usually a matter of providing reasonable written notice of termination.

Even if you do have a contract, in many cases it is the client’s perception of being locked into it that is the problem and not the actual contract itself. Once your issues are properly tabled and supported by valid complaints it is usually not difficult in this industry to terminate a contract that is not being properly serviced by a supplier.

A contract for cleaning is built on an agreement of specific stated services, if you are not receiving the specified services then the supplier is most likely in breach of contract and a well written letter pointing out the circumstances and requesting termination of the contract for those reasons will quite likely be accepted.

A properly written contract would include a clause that defines the terms of cancellation or termination of agreement. Referencing any written complaints you’ve made or including copies of any letters of dissatisfaction help give credibility to your notice.

Make your complaints in writing and where possible refer to the specific clause of your contract that is being breached. Keep a record of your written communications and also keep a record of the response time to your complaints plus any actions taken or not taken.

If your complaints are genuine and your cleaners are clearly not fulfilling the terms of agreement, especially after you have lodged written complaints, it is usually not difficult to terminate an agreement.

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