Why do you claim expertise when other companies offer similar services?

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Our attention to detail!

Because we totally specialise in office cleaning – we do it exceptionally well.

Our entire operations are geared towards office cleaning – the standard of cleaners, the cleaning tasks, the equipment and cleaning supplies, the supervision, quality control and quality and speed of service.

Because we’ve been doing it for so long, we’re really reliable.

We’ve specialised in office cleaning in Sydney since 1989 and currently service over 220 clients. Everything we do is geared towards problem free office cleaning, the way you want it done, consistently and reliably.

Because we know office cleaning inside out, our realistic pricing gets your office cleaned the way you want it done – all the time.

Office cleaning is manual labour, cleaners need an eye for detail, some elbow grease, active labour and adherence to procedure – it’s a people thing and certain jobs take certain times to perform properly. We know every ‘trick of the trade’ and we know how to train and manage cleaners to get the job done in the most reasonable time without compromising the quality you want.

Because we deliver what we promise our quotes are trustworthy.

And because we know every ‘trick of the trade’ we also know that certain tasks take a certain time and we don’t try to misrepresent that by fancy marketing or undercutting quotes. We trust that when you ask for professional and reliable office cleaning the quote you receive is adequate to provide just that, not more and certainly not less. A common reason for careless or shoddy cleaning that is a constant thorn in your side is improper quotations at the outset.

Because we focus on what really counts we don’t try to glamorise it to you.

We take it as a given that you would expect your office cleaners to provide cleanliness standards that are both clean and hygienic and that the most environmentally friendly cleaning products are used in your premises. No bells and whistles or marketing puff can take the place of genuine labour, attention to detail and properly supervised efficient cleaning – there’s nothing glamorous about it.

Because we know what it really takes ……..

We have a comprehensive established infrastructure that encompasses all aspects of cleaner training, ongoing supervision and third party quality control that requires nothing of you and that results in thorough and consistent quality cleaning on both the short and long term.

Our infrastructure is very solid and its thoroughness is a strength that makes Building Cleaning Services stand out from other commercial cleaners.

Because we’ve got what it takes ……

Our focus has always been, and will always be, on those factors that result in high quality office cleaning, performed by competent, proficient and industrious office cleaners, with third party quality control ensuring that your offices are cleaned to your required standards each time and every time, without the need of your supervision or intervention.

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