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Trust BCS for Quality and Reliability

For Commercial Cleaning, Building Cleaning Services (BCS) is the name you can trust. We specialise in Commercial Cleaning only and ensure that every office space cleaned is up to par with industry standards. In the cleaning business for over 30 years means experience and quality. Our vast experience in cleaning office spaces and experience in the cleaning industry ensures a reliable and reputable service. Instead of completing a broad spectrum of properties, we specialise only cleaning commercial offices – nothing domestic, no homes. Our focused approach makes us leaders in the field of commercial office cleans in Sydney.

Commercial Office Cleaning Using Trained Staff

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Our testimonials from a wide variety of companies can attest to our professional services. The reason is our highly trained staff. With hundreds of business’s to clean, we need procedures, standards, on-site training, reviews and inspections to ensure customer satisfaction.  Attentive, reliable, capable, efficient and honest – is how we are known.

How to Engage a Cleaning Company.

The three most common mistakes made by building / office managers when appointing cleaners are:

  1. Assuming all cleaning businesses are the same
  2. Inadequate assessment of the cleaners business specialties or focus
  3. Not asking for a quote or accepting a ballpark generalised quote


In an ideal world one would expect any supplier to have the necessary skill or expertise before putting themselves forward as professionals in the field but it is an unfortunate fact of life that this is not always the case.

At a glance however, cleaning may appear to be an exercise requiring relative unskilled manual labour and therein lays the pitfall because there is more to it than meets the eye.

In addition to manual cleaning tasks, office cleaning requirements add speed and thoroughness into the equation along with a menu of Standards and service to ensure reliable and consistent quality within a specified schedule.

Your research when sourcing a cleaning company should entail a close look at the entire package offered, not just the cleaning service itself.


Cleaning Job Well Done

Specialise in high-quality commercial office cleaning (no domestic)


Established in 1989, serving Parramatta with distinction


Our professional cleaning teams exceed quality standards


Our Office Cleaners are available 24/7, after hours


We offer various cleaning services in Blacktown


Our clients range from small to large businesses


Our service guarantee, backed by third party inspectors


We offer various cleaning services in Parramatta






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