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Our commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality is second to none, and is reflected in our performance targets to exceed expectations, and in customer satisfaction. We don’t just follow ISO standards, we communicate with our clients to understand their needs. This process has become a way of life for our company and it is woven into every role and procedure from the cleaners on up through to senior management.

We specialise in commercial office cleaning, we do not do domestic (home), and have done so since 1989. BCS tries to understand and be informed about our client’s requirements, needs and issues and so our company objective is not just providing an excellent cleaning service, it is also to address the challenges of running a successful business.

Our quality assurance procedures commence from our first meeting, and continue for the duration of the contract.

Quality assurance starts by providing accurate cleaning proposals for our Office Cleans

We do not provide cleaning proposals without completing a full inspection of your premises and discussing your specific requirements.

The cleaning proposal has procedures which lays the groundwork for establishing the high-standard required and for solving any past issues you’ve had with other cleaners (if any).

The proposal is based on requirements, size of premises (square meters), types of facilities (ie. computer desks, kitchen, bathroom, vacuuming, carpet cleaning, windows, boardrooms, etc). We record each space and note any quirky little things that might be unique to your premises or needs. Next we look at schedules and and them can provide a quote.

Our Operations Manager is involved in the cleaning proposal process, ensuring everything can be done and we allocate the right team and equipment.



Quality is assured by ensuring our cleaning-team fully understand your site and requirements

An important ingredient in our methodology is that we conduct a full and thorough ON SITE orientation of our team members, allocated to your business.

We have a orientation procedure for our cleaners that includes designating the different tasks of each job and creating a scheduled routine that ensures every task is performed. Like a check-list.

Maintaining Quality is also prioritised

Our mission is to provide the same level and standard of cleanliness and service from day 1, ongoing. Although we do try to improve, but certainly not regress.

We achieve this with a twofold approach – proactive and reactive.

We are proactive in that our staff look for issues and resolve them quickly, often before you are even aware.

We conduct periodic third party quality control inspections as a routine action for all jobs. Any departure from standard is corrected within 24 hours for daily cleaning jobs.

Our cleaners are thoroughly instructed in quality standards and their responsibility for customer satisfaction.  Quality control measures are built in to their training and cleaning routines.

We are reactive in that we respond to any complaint or issues on a strict 24-hour turnaround policy.

Cleaning Job Well Done

Specialise in high-quality commercial office cleaning (no domestic)


Established in 1989, serving Parramatta with distinction


Our professional cleaning teams exceed quality standards


Our Office Cleaners are available 24/7, after hours


We offer various cleaning services in Blacktown


Our clients range from small to large businesses


Our service guarantee, backed by third party inspectors


We offer various cleaning services in Parramatta






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